Starlight tears ~
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First time dengar lgu mieyh aku hayati betol2 ..mengalir air mata ~ hurm~
awak,awk bce taw mnde nieyh~ Ape yg sy post nieyh luahan hati sy ~
Firhan oppa ~Sarangheyo~

The white starlight wraps around my tears
My tears fall against the warm breeze
Can you feel it?
The quiet trembling for you.

I draw you on white paper
your warm smile envelopes me
is this love?
I see you even when I close my eyes.

I will be waiting for you
I will wait for you
I wont show my tears any longer
you let me know about this false love
I wont let go because it's you.

Im walking through our memories
tears well up in my heart
what should I do?
I even long for you in my dreams.

Look at me like the stars in the sky
can't you be the one in my heart.


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Credit to :
Liyana Izzati
Basecode by : Ziera
Skin made : OneWifey
Background : Wanaseoby